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Pulpotomy vs. Pulpectomy

When is a pulpotomy versus a pulpectomy indicated? How can we help our patients when they are in pain and time is limited? How much time should the front office schedule for an emergency? We all feel bad for our patients when they have a terrible toothache and these are the questions for which we […]

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Endo Diagnosis

Why is it important to develop your endo diagnostic skills? With enhanced endo diagnostic skills you can look forward to: Improved patient retention (You successfully resolve your patients’ concerns.) Greater production/collections (Increased confidence and being able to answer your patients questions makes you a rock star in your patient’s eyes, increases future treatment acceptance). More […]

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Antibiotic Recommendations for Endodontic Infections

Primary treatment objectives to manage an endodontic infection are: Adequate debridement of the infected root canal Achieving drainage for the soft and hard tissues with an “Incise and Drain” procedure. Antibiotics are considered adjunctive therapy to help manage infections and are indicated only under certain circumstances: When there is systemic or regional involvement indicated by […]

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Root Canal Safety

View the Root Canal Safety Sheet Here Source: Root Canal Safety

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How to prevent root canals through the diagnosis and treatment of coronal fractures

As a general dentist for more than 14 years, I’ve come across my share of cracked teeth. In my first ten or so years of dental practice, I would see a fracture line through a marginal ridge and either “watch it” or place an interproximal MO or DO to cover it up. Maybe I would […]

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Why Choose an Endodontist?

This educational video explains what to expect during an average root canal procedure and why choosing an endodontist to perform the procedure is beneficial. We share it here because it outlines the great advances that have occurred in the endodontic industry and e benefit our patients and ultimately save teeth. We hope you find this […]

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