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At Wright & Beatty Endodontic Specialists, we love to hear the many great stories our patients have about how getting a root canal with our doctors was their easiest and most boring appointment ever! Even more fun for us is helping our patients maintain a healthy and functional smile. It’s truly rewarding for us to have patients referring friends and family for years after their visits to our office.

Below are just a few examples of people who have been patients at Wright & Beatty Endodontic Specialists. We hope you take comfort in hearing their experiences.

“The tooth doesn’t hurt, I am a new man!!”

Barry W.

“Thank you so much Dr. Wright. I wish I would have came here in the first place.”

Valerie A.

“It was a great experience, thank you ladies!”

Monica W.

Unfortunately, I have had dozens of root canals in my life.  In the past they have been very uncomfortable and miserable.  Dr. Beatty at Wright & Beatty Endodontics, performed one on me today.  It was the first absolutely painless and most technical root canal I have ever experienced.  She is young, extremely smart, very personable, plays good music, and is very caring.  Her assistant Kim and business manager Karen were also very professional, helpful, and friendly.

They use the latest technologies and tools to make the process more precise and effective.  For example, she used a large lighted microscope to see her work field so the hole she drilled in my tooth was very small.  As a result, the porcelain crown she drilled through will not have to be replaced which saved me LOTS of money.  It was all-around a very good experience!

Although nobody really wants a root canal, the next time you need one, I HIGHLY recommend Wright & Beatty Endodontics in Vancouver.

Michael S.

Absolutely wonderful! I was a little nervous about having a root canal done, but the staff at Wright Endodontics makes your comfort a priority. The procedure went smooth with no bumps in the road. [The doctor] was so nice and took the time to explain exactly what they were going to do. After the pain free procedure (which I almost fell asleep during), I was given a 24 hour time release ibuprofen and a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks. Totally unexpected and so generous!! I highly recommend them.

Nichole S.

“The assistant made me feel comfortable. Dr. Wright was awesome explaining everything.”

Lynn N.

(My) experience was great, Dr. Wright worked fast and efficiently to fix my problem with my tooth. I had no pain whatsoever while the team was working on me. Overall a great experience and would recommend to all.”

Seth S.

“I wanted to send a big thank you to all of you for the appointment I had today for possible root canal based on investigation of a cracked tooth. The quality of care and the way you provided me with details every step of the way really meant a great deal to me. I had a follow-up extraction with Dr. Shakiba and I am doing great.”

Ruth M.

“I was quite honestly scared to death when I first came in for the consult appointment, as i have not seen anyone but my regular dentist in decades. I was made to feel very comfortable, was listened to, encouraged to ask questions, and treated like a person and not a problem to solve. Everything was explained clearly and there was no surprises. I was impressed and relieved, and I feel confident about any further procedures that I might need there. Thanks!”

Kristina P.

“You guys were great! First time in my life I fell asleep at the dentist! Nice Job!!”

Justin D.

Karen at the front desk is friendly and professional. Make your own Keurig coffee while you wait and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the wall-mounted waterfall. Small waiting area with 5 very comfortable chairs and an ample supply of up to date magazines to thumb through. Very nice staff!

Kimberly G.

I have had several visits to this office due to four different issues with my teeth.  Unfortunately the issues have all occurred pretty close together. I had appointments with both [doctors] and felt immediate comfort in both their hands.  I was very nervous that I would lose my teeth and they saved them all.  Everyone involved listened carefully to my concerns, showed respect for what I had to say and spent whatever time it took to help me understand my treatment.  The whole staff work really well together and you feel like they are all there to do whatever it takes to make you feel welcome and comfortable. I was afraid of pain and each visit was painless. They are true professionals.  Even after my visits, I am contacted to make sure I am doing okay and have been provided numbers to call if over the weekend.  I would highly recommend them to family and friends.

Tony B.

Thank you for spending the time to answer all my questions during the consult. I feel much better now about scheduling for the RootCanal.

Brandon F.

“WOW…… You are really good at getting people numb. I didn’t feel a thing.”

Lois T.

I finally bit the bullet and got the dreaded RC last week, not the cola but the root canal. I’ve been putting it off because I’ve been too anxious, things always go wrong, either during the procedure or months later. I had seen another endodontist last year and the only thing she seemed to say was and “I’d be really surprised if you didn’t need one” but my dentist said I could hold off if I wanted.
I felt like it was time so I called Dr Wright’s office at the urging of my friend. They were willing to schedule the appointment for an exam and procedure in one visit but not without calling my dentist first which is fine with me. I understand, though why anyone would call for a root canal who didn’t need one is beyond me.  But I scheduled my appointment went in. She took some x rays  and explained to me that she though I had an abscess and did a little more testing and said I would need a root canal.  She had a microscope that she used to do the procedure. That’s some fancy sh*t right there. Throughout the procedure she used some other tool to measure the electrical conductance of my tooth to make sure she didn’t go through the other end of my tooth.
She gave me some 24 hour Advil and a $5 Starbucks card to get something to eat. Nice.
I really liked that she wasn’t like the other dentist who seemed to think that a root canal is the only solution because that’s the only procedure she does and that she took the time to do as much testing as she needed to make sure I needed the procedure.  Fingers crossed I won’t be needing her services, but I’ll be back if I do.

Sherry Y.

I had been having tremendous pain for about a month in a tooth that I had gotten a large filling in when I was younger. I was scared to get a root canal just because everyone always says how bad they are. However, it was painless. Dr. Wright and her team made sure I was completely numb before doing anything that had to do with drilling on my tooth. The numbness is beginning to wear off, and although my mouth and tooth are a little sore from the procedure, it already feels 100x better than before I had it done. Dr. Wright and her team are amazing, made me comfortable and at ease from the moment I stepped in the door.

Daron D.