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When a tooth breaks or comes out of the mouth as a result of trauma, for example a baseball to the face, an elbow to the mouth in basketball, a car or bike accident, etc, it can be saved if proper treatment is provided in a timely manner. The International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) has a great website and a free app called “dental trauma first aid” that anyone can download to their phone. The website and app provide basic information to help you save the tooth of a loved one or friend if they ever experience dental trauma. As an endodontist, Drs Beatty and Wright have extensive knowledge in the treatment of teeth after dental trauma to give you correct information to best help  retain your tooth/teeth. As members of the IADT, we are knowledgeable in the diagnosis, treatment and follow up protocols of 14 different types of dental trauma that may occur to both primary and permanent teeth.