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Your Comfort

If there’s one thing we understand at Wright & Beatty aside from endodontics, it is patient comfort. We believe a comfortable experience encourages patients to continue to receive and seek oral care. After all, if you expected an unpleasant experience would you want to go to the dentist?

Your Comfort Options

We offer a variety of comfort options that promise to make your experience with us relaxing and enjoyable. Our goal is to deliver the best endodontic care to our patients while limiting the worry and fear that can so often accompany a visit to the dentist. We listen to our patients and support them in their journey toward a healthy mouth.

Your comfort is of paramount importance from the moment you arrive in our patient waiting area.  Our friendly, front desk team will greet you with a smile and help create a smooth registration and insurance filing process.  Be sure to choose from our complimentary selection of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and water and enjoy while you wait.


When it’s time to start your treatment, we offer Tempur-Pedic chair pads that provide more support to your back while you’re laying flat. Pillows offer support to your neck and head and soft blankets keep you warm when you’re under anesthesia or when you’re just looking for an added layer of comfort. Even our x-rays have extra padding so they won’t cut into your cheeks and gums.


Because we know that many patients feel uncomfortable when they hear the sound of work on their teeth, we offer iPods and noise reduction headphones to help you focus more on relaxing and less on the work you’re having done. Our dental assistants will help you choose from a wide array of musical stations to customize your experience.

Sedation Options Delivered with Experience

Our experienced IV sedation trained dental anesthesiologist helps to make the process of being sedated less scary through a variety of options, including oral sedation, a combination of oral and IV sedation, and nitrous oxide that’s delivered in a clean, thin mask. This helps you feel as if you’re breathing more freely.

If you’re in need of endodontic treatment, but have held back because of a fear of the dentist and worry about comfort, give our office a call. We take our commitment to your comfort seriously, and promise to give you an exceptional experience that leaves you feeling at ease and with a healthy mouth.